Best Blog

Just a quick post before I get back to studying! 😦

Last week we found out that our group won best blog! Wooo!

Thanks to everyone who read it. It was a lot of fun writing it, and good luck to everyone who entered the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

Until next time 🙂

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Challenge Officially Complete

Finally after months of research and strategies and sleepless night and just complete and utter exhaustion, the challenge is finally over! And by that I mean we have just submitted to Google! No more stress, it is out of our hands now! I have to say this challenge has taught us a lot!

Now it’s time to cram for our exam! Gah we just can’t catch a break!

Oh and unfortunately we didn’t win any awards at the presentation last week, but there are more awards to be given out next week! So maybe we may just make it out with an award yet 🙂 And if not at least we get our official GOMC certificate! he he!

Until next time!


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Presentation Time…

So we have been MIA again! Surprise, surprise! 

It is must be that time again!

We have our final presentation this coming Tuesday! Here’s hoping we ace it 🙂 Maybe even win a prize or two? 🙂

Now for a quick run down of each campaign as promised, a little late… but better late than never!

Social Media

Unfortunately we did not meet all of our original goals, but we did really well! We managed to get followers involved and interacting, which is amazing! Especially based upon our original goals, which were:

  1. Creating Brand Awareness
  2. Increasing Customer Base
  3. Interacting with Followers

We believe we fulfilled each of these goals, through posting interesting content and running competitions where followers help to spread the word about Twenty Two Folds!

Google AdWords

Again we believe that we achieved a lot through the AdWords campaign, and definitely learnt a lot! It was a bit intense having to learn it all so quickly, and trying to optimise the performance based on small amounts of data in such a short period of time!

That being said we believe we fulfilled our goals, maybe not to quite the extent we hoped for. But we got really close, especially considering: how small the business is, how niche the product is, how Twenty Two Folds was in the middle of re-branding!

Anyhow stay tuned to find out how our presentation goes, and hear about all the awards we pick up!! 

Until next time 🙂

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Google+ Hangout… Take 2

So again, very sorry we have been super busy as all our other assignments have suddenly all been due, and we have been frantically trying to get them done… ah the life of a uni student! So today is actually the last day of both our Social Media Campaigns, and our AdWords campaign! But I shall talk about those later!

So we had our last Google Hangout today! It was a rundown of what we had done, but we made the error of inviting ‘public’ to our hangout, and ended up with the wrong target! It seems that this option will get a lot of people joining, but no one really relevant! That being said, if you want to use the Google Hangout feature, first build up your audience, get people interested in your offering and then host a hangout to interact with possible customers and build a relationship.

Later today, or tomorrow I will be giving a bit of a rundown of both our campaigns, so stay tuned!

Until next time!

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Google+ Hangout: Attempting to Fold Origami

So today we took part in our first Google+ Hangout! It was a lot of fun, and whilst unfortunately the only people who took part was our team, we did all attempt to fold some origami! So here’s a quick rundown of what we did:

First everyone attempted to fold jumping frogs…

Google+ Hangout: Origami Frog

And then we all gave the cranes a go, some didn’t quite get the technique down, but hopefully next time!

Google+ Hangout: Origami Crane

And that was pretty much it! Again whilst we had no other participants, we found it actually a great way to communicate and plan on using it to conduct some of our meetings. I really wish we had used this function earlier, as it is really handy! I definitely recommend others using this feature if they have a Google+ account!

Until next time…

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Hangout here we come!

So today was another meeting, it seems like that’s all we do these days! Anyhow today we decided what our first hangout would be about, and when it would be!

So first the most important details:

When: It will be this Sunday (April 29) at 12pm WST (by this we mean 12pm Perth time, for those of you who are international and interested it is GMT+8:00 I think that’s how it is written??)

Content: It will basically attempting to fold origami! Basically us failing badly! So all you pro’s out there get on board and show us how it is done! Or if you know of anyone who can fold some awesome origami invite them to join in! All you have to do is add Twenty Two Folds on Google+  TODAY!

Well wish us luck… We’ll certainly need it!

So until next time…

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First week of Google AdWords… And we survived it!

We have been a little MIA lately! So here’s a run down of everything we have been up to this past week. Firstly we started running our AdWords campaign, and boy oh boy was that a massive obstacle! Firstly, even after doing a lot of research into AdWords, we still were not properly prepared! In the first day we blew a third of our weekly budget, we got 2 or 3 violations in the content of our ads, (and let me warn you, something as simple as including a second exclamation mark in the entirety of the ad is enough to set off a violation!!!) <- that there would DEFINITELY be a violation! So get yourself as best educated as possible before starting AdWords!

Here are a few pointers that we have learnt from our first week:

  • Be careful of overusing punctuation, as mentioned above.
  • Even if you notice the average cost for certain keywords are high, do not go over you allocated budget as those clicks will happen like crazy at that time! (This is what happened when we set a $5 budget per campaign, for 5 campaigns!).
  • Also, if you haven’t set a budget, do so immediately! Even a rough budget is good, and from the first weeks performance, use that to alter your next weeks budget and so on!
  • Be wary of adding extra keywords that may be (sort of) relevant, try to stick to the super relevant ones to get the best click-through-rate (amount of clicks in comparison to the impressions (times you your ad has been shown)), however that being said, you may just want to get your brand/ product/ service seen, which a higher impression rate will fulfill!
  • And lastly but most importantly constantly check on your performance! To be honest this has been very easy for us to do! As all of us are really keen to track our performance, and are getting a bit addicted to it!

So after all that you may ask what else have we been busy doing?? Well on Twenty Two Folds Google+ Page we are planning to hold our very first Google Hangout! This incorporates a video chat feature, which allows up to 9 people to join in. This is very exciting for our client as her business is very visual and will benefit greatly from such a feature.

Also another issue we are having is due to the re-branding of our clients business from Kijuuki to Twenty Two Folds we can’t seem to get all the original fans to transfer their support to the new Facebook and Google+ pages. We currently have 177 Facebook fans and 22 +1s on Google+ (we are getting there, but we fear not as fast as anticipated!).  We are working to expand our networks and hopefully increase these numbers to make people aware of the brand Twenty Two Folds and the products available!

So as you can imagine we have been busy, busy, busy! In the meantime, if you can check out Twenty Two Folds Google+ or Facebook page, that would be amazing!

Until next time!

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